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Bees/Wasps Removal Services in Binbrook, Ontario

Bees and wasps are a major concern for homeowners. They build their nests outside of homes, trees and even in the attics. Removal of these nests should be done by professionals else they may sting, causing immense pain. If you have found huge hives in your home or office, make sure to call our professionals immediately. At Binbrook Pest, we are bees and wasps removal experts in Binbrook, Ontario. We have the right tools and techniques to eliminate small to large nests of bees and wasps efficiently.

Bee Removal

Bees are often confused with wasps as they have shiny and smooth exterior like wasps. There are different levels of bee infestation. Initially, you will find a small bee hive on the nearby trees or gutters. In no time, the small hive will turn into a big issue for you and your family. Bees can even enter through small holes and sting your family members. Our technicians will implement the right course of action to prevent them from your property.

Wasp Removal

Wasps are predators with long and slender bodies. They generally feed on inspects, flies and other bugs. They can be a great nuisance for humans. Our professionals will make sure to eradicate wasps from your home or office safely and completely. It is necessary to implement an effective method for complete elimination of the nest otherwise there are high chances of further infestation. We make sure there is zero future infestation and you can live safely in your home.

Our Process


Our professionals will determine the level of infestation to create an effective strategy for their elimination.


With our effective and reliable strategy, we make sure there are no bees or wasps left in your home once we are done with our treatment.


Once we are done with our treatment, we will suggest you various preventative methods that can help keep bees and wasps at bay.

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