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  • Common DIY Pest Control Myths Debunked

    Often when you find some ants, rodents or other pests in your home, you prefer to use the household tricks to remove them. There are a number of tricks which still people use to get rid of the pesky pests. Unfortunately, the pests get hide somewhere and people think they have successfully removed them. As […]

  • 3 Tips To Prevent Yourself From Bees And Wasps Painful Sting

    Bees and Wasps are two distinct species with too many similarities. Bees are rounded with fuzzy appearance and tiny hairs while the wasp has a shiny body with lack of hair. The common and the dangerous thing in both is their painful sting which also delivers swelling or may cause of allergic reactions. You may […]

  • 3 Easy Ways To Eliminate The Ant Population

    Did you recently notice an ant moving in your kitchen? If yes, never ignore the problem as ants can greatly risk your health and hygiene. They are tiny pests who often invade a home in search of food and water. They feed on the stored food sources and leftover eatables, thereby contaminating them. Moreover, these […]

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